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Applying the A-B-C-D's In Church

Posted by Richard Crockett on

Applying the A-B-C-D's In Church
     Children have long learned their A-B-C's at school. The church has learned how to incorporate those basic concepts into helping teach about God to very young children, and even those who are older, with those concepts as well. The time honored concepts of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic can be beneficial for both secular purposes, as well as God's kingdom.
     But it may be time to add the letter "D" to those basic concepts, with "D" standing for digital. While most of today's children are more computer literate than their parents, we may not always be willing to embrace the digital world, which the youngest generations are living in, within the church spectrum.
     While I might not want to embrace the digital world so strongly, on a personal level, we have to understand that those that we are reaching out to , young married men with wives and children, are being bombarded with the digital world. It provides them with a way to stay in touch with each other, and the world around them in their fast paced lives.  I might need to change my mindset to do it for them.
     But how does the church help engage them in their digital world? Yes, it is great to have a website, an app, and other digital things, but is that enough? Do we know how to help them get started with those things, or even engage in Bible reading or study online? Can we direct them to a helpful podcast that will strengthen their walk with the Lord? Do we even know where to send them to listen online to Christian music?
     And for those children, have we had the discussion about how to incorporate digital teaching methods within the teaching elements of Sunday School, or other children's programs? If children are engaging in this style of learning, we need to be aware what possibilities might exist for the church.  Maybe it is as simple as wading into the digital world and learning just a few things with the purpose to help others find key things that can help point them to Christ.
     A great advantage of the digital is the potential for additional learning, ministry and lifestyle that can extend beyond the one or two hours a week we meet together. If a child, teen or adult can engage with Christ, continue to grow by learning more about the Bible, pray via Skype with one of our missionaries, or even create the opportunity to gather with other Christians for ministry through social media, I believe we should encourage them to do so.
     I think it is time for the church to start embrace the A-B-C-D's and push into the digital possibilities we have to reach those around us, while glorifying God in the process.


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