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King of My Heart

Posted by Susan Ridgway on

Recently, Ray and I went on a big adventure with our youngest son, Josiah.  We said "goodbye" to Anna and Zachary and began a journey that took us 3 flights and about 29 hours.  We landed in Sofia, Bulgaria and within in just about an hour we were in a car and headed to Shumen, Bulgaria.  That was a 5 1/2 drive through an beautiful yet very poor country.  We saw the mountains and glory of God's creation as we drove.  Along the road we saw the poorest of people who live in very simple villages.  Everything around us looked and sounded and felt so different than what we were used to.  As we arrived in Shumen it began to settle in to our hearts and minds that in just one more day we would pick up our daughter forever!  That was an overwhelming experience for all of us.  

As I prepared to go on this journey in the weeks before we left, God prepared my heart with a song.  This song became like a dear friend that could encourage me along the way.  It is full of promise and was something God used to remind me that no matter how far away from familiar that I go, He is still there.  What seems foreign to me is still His.  He created Bulgaria.  He lives there and is working there.  He is in all the countries that we passed through as well.  Wherever we  go, God goes with us and at the same time He is already there.  This song reminded me of God's goodness and faithfulness.  I can trust Him.  He is good!  

We will be learning this song called "King of My Heart" in September as a church family.  I am praying that as you sing, God will give you a story to share about how good He is even in the midst of your darkest moments.  Singing this song together will be our way of declaring once again that Jesus is the King of our Hearts.  

Author Mel Wild says this about Jesus: 

"When Jesus is King of you heart, everything in your world is redefined: your ambitions, your hope and dreams, how you experience joy and sorrow, how you see everyone around you, including how you see yourself." 

I have added the link to the song "King of My Heart" for you to listen to.  I hope you are blessed by the promises in this song!  

"King of my Heart"


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