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Reading books…it is something I enjoy today, but growing up it was something I had a great disdain for. Growing up I struggled with reading and tried to avoid reading anyway I could. That disdain continued through high school, but would be squashed during my freshman year of college. I was on the FHSU Track & Field team and as a freshman we were required to go to study table, which basically was a place we had to put in hours to make sure we stayed eligible by completing our school work. Being a pretty decent student at that point I found myself with all my school work completed and hours to fill at Study Table. I would start reading books. From there the enjoyment of reading continue to grow through the years.

Right now I read a book about every week and am always looking to get something from the books I read. I was once taught that you won’t always agree with everything in every book, but you can always learn something from it. I have taken that and God has used books to open my eyes to so many things. I decided I would share with all of you in this blog some of my favorite books, that have had a massive impact at different points in my life. Here we go with 10 books I would recommend…

I Am Third by Gale Sayers…This was that first book I picked up to read during Study Table. Little did I know that this book that I picked up because it was written by the “Kansas Comet” Gale Sayers, would make such an impact in my life. This book shows the importance of having our priorities straight of God first, others second, and I am third. Today this is a saying that I live by and I am thankful for the time I spent reading this book.

Love Does by Bob Goff…If you don’t know who Bob Goff, he is an amazing man with incredible stories that show how love can make a huge impact. Showing through his stories of how love is not just a feeling or thought, but rather an action that can make a huge impact in the world.

Running For My Life by Lopez Lomong…This was a book Christina McKinley recommended to me and is an incredible story told from Lopez Lomong about his life. It is a story of faith about a boy who lived through being one of lost boy of the Sudanese Civil War to one day becoming US Olympian in Track & Field. It is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read.

More or Less by Jeff Shinabarger…We all have a lot of stuff, but do we need it? This book helped me understand the importance of what “enough” truly is. It showed me the importance of using what I have been blessed with to be able to give back.

Confessions of a Pastor by Craig Groeschel…This book was one I never even knew he wrote, but was what I needed a certain point in my life. It allowed me to open my eyes and let others into my life to help me deal with some of the struggles I had.

The Sacred Way by Tony Jones…I read this during one of my classes with Lincoln Christian University. If you want to look at how you spend your time with God and the importance of getting away to be with Him, this is a great read for you. It changed the way I would spend my quiet times daily.

Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordeiro…Sometimes we feel like we are empty. All of us get there at some point. This book helped me understand the importance of looking at each aspect of my life (my dashboard) and dealing with any area that is in trouble. Sometimes we fall into a dark place in our lives, learning to deal with those times is so important. This book helped me learn to take care of myself and my relationship with God.

Fight by Craig Groeschel…For guys I would encourage them to read this book. The whole concept of this book is to know that as a man we have a heart of a warrior. We have to learn what it means to not just fight, but learn to fight like a man of God.

How’s Your Soul? by Judah Smith…How often do we answer the question or ask the question “How are you doing?” The answer is usually “fine” and we move on. What if we start to think about it from the point of “How is Your Soul?” This book helped me think about the importance of how am I am truly doing? Sometimes we need that reminder to be completely honest with ourselves and God.

The Bible…There is no way I can leave this off my list. Let’s be honest right now, if you don’t read any other book on this list other than this one than you chose the most important one to read. Books are an item we can gain knowledge from, but none will ever come close to knowledge we gain from The Bible. This is not a suggestion, but rather a must read. Digging into God’s word is so important and is life changing.

Learn to love to read especially when it comes to God’s word.


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