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Spider Hunter

Posted by Brooks Wachs on

In my last blog I talked about how I had a goal for 2018 to read a book a week. Well we are just over a month into the new year and at this moment I am 10 books in. Yes I know what you are thinking that is way over the goal I had set, but honestly so many of the books I have chosen to read have been so good that I couldn’t put them down. One of those books was one I had been looking forward to reading since I'd heard about it at Orange Tour in Kansas City this past October. The book was Kill The Spider by Carlos Whittaker. Carlos is a speaker and author, but in the past has worked on the leadership team for Catalyst Conference and has been in full time ministry. This book is one I would recommend to anyone to read, even if you are scared of spiders (David Barber).

The reason I am writing about this book today is that the concept is something I think all of us have to learn to deal with. You see we all have cobwebs in our lives. The mess of the mistakes we have made in our past. These cobwebs we spend our whole lives trying to clean up, but for some reason the cycle of the same mistakes continue to creep back into our lives. Why is this? Why do we always continue to make the same mistakes over and over again? We don’t understand why cleaning up the cobwebs didn’t take care of the problem. You see the reason it didn’t take care of the problem is because we have never dealt with spider.

As Carlos tells the story in his book about this concept of the spider, he tells a story that is father told him over the phone. He tells the story of a revival his father was preaching at in Panama. It was a three day revival. At the end of the first night a Ms. Ramirez came up and asked him to pray for God to clean the cobwebs out of her life. He did just that. On the second night Ms. Ramirez came up again with the same prayer request and again he prayed for God to clean the cobwebs out of her life. On the last night of the revival, Ms. Ramirez approach again with the same request. This time his answer was different, he didn’t ask God for the cobwebs to be cleaned out of her life, but for God to Kill The Spider.

Just so you know I have not ruined the book for you that story is in chapter one. That story though has been one I continue to think about in my own life. How many times in my own life have I continued to make the same mistakes over and over again? I work to clean up the cobwebs, but I never take the steps to deal with the spider that has been causing that destruction in my life for years. The thing is all of us have those spiders in our lives. My prayer for you is that you start the journey of not just dealing with the cobwebs in your life, but start looking deeper and find the spider that continues to cause that issue. It might be deep, it might be painful, it might cause you bring up stuff you thought you had buried long ago, but it needs to be done. It is time to kill the spider. It is time to be a spider hunter.

What is that spider in your life? It is time to go to battle with it and let God kill that spider that has continued to cause you pain. It will be a process, but it will be worth it.


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