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The Garden

Posted by Susan Ridgway on

Kari Jobe is an modern worship leader who has produced some beautiful worship music over the past 5 years.  Her newest album includes the title song called "The Garden".  

I would like to share her story as it pertains to this song. Kari was pregnant with her first child and was celebrating all that joy that come with that special time.  At the same time her sister was also pregnant.  In a terrible turn of events, Kari's sister lost her baby.  Kari describes what it feels like to be grieving so intensely and celebrating her own pregnancy at the same time.  

Kari struggled with why and how to deal with such significant pain.  She realized that so many people are hurting on so many levels.  She realized for the first time that God is able to love us through our disappointments.  He can handle our heart break.  He will see us through our darkest moments.  

As Kari went through that grieving process God began to reveal to her some amazing truths.  She and her husband had moved into a new house.  They had hired a landscaper to help them figure out what to do with the yard.  The landscaper suggested that they should what until spring and see what comes up in the garden that was at the back of their property.  One day as Kari looked out the kitchen window, she realized that the garden has begun to come alive.  Spring was just beginning. As she walked through the garden God taught her to see that He had been there all along. What had seemed like just dead brush and dirt was coming to life with beautiful green ivy and colorful flowers.  That garden had been planned and planted many years before and God knew that at just the right time, He would be able to use it to minister to Kari. 

As I think about Kari's story, I can see parallels in my own life.  There have been times where I did not understand why or what God was doing.  It seemed that there was no life or purpose.  Then came the quiet moments where God whispered into my heart that He is still here.  The answered prayers, the encouraging words, the intimate way He spoke to my heart with words of healing and hope are very similar to Kari's garden experience.

If you are in a place of grief today, I want to encourage you as others have encouraged me.  God is working.  It may be behind the scenes or underground.  It may not be time for the harvest that will come from your seeds sown in sorrow, but the time will come.  God is working.  God will provide.  God loves you.  God never fails.  

The writer of Hebrews reminds us that God will never leave us or abandon us.  He says this, "so we say with confidence, 'The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear.  What can mere people do to me?" 

I have attached a link to the song "The Garden" by Kari Jobe.  I would like to invite you to listen and be blessed by her words of healing and hope.  I have also attached the lyrics if you would like to read through them.  

"The Garden" by Kari Jobe https://youtu.be/Y43ZOWJLDS4

"The Garden"

I had all
But given up
Desperate for it
A sign from love
Something good
Something kind
Bringing peace to every corner of my mind

Then I saw the garden
Hope had come to me
To sweep away the ashes
And wake me from my sleep

I realised
You never left
And for this moment
You planned ahead
That I would see
Your faithfulness in all of the green

I can see the ivy
Growing through the wall
'Cause You'll stop at nothing
To heal my broken soul

I can see the ivy
Reaching through the wall
'Cause You'll stop at nothing
To heal my broken soul

Ohh, You're healing broken souls
Ohh, You're healing broken souls

Faith is rising up like ivy
Reaching for the light
Hope is stirring deep inside me
Making all things right

Love is lifting me from sorrow
Catching every tear
Dispelling every lie and torment
Crushing all my fears

You crush all my fears
You crush all my fears
With Your perfect love
Ohh-ohhh, with Your perfect love

Now I see redemption
Growing in the trees
The death and resurrection
In every single seed...




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