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Why Are We Celebrating Advent?

Posted by Susan Ridgway on

Confusion, distraction, disappointment, half-truths, gossip, bickering, and doubt are words that I would use to describe much of what we see in the world today.  It can be depressing.  It can become very dark.  

Advent is a simple exercise in helping us to remember to see the hope, peace, joy, and love that still exists in this world because of Jesus Christ.  

Each Sunday, we light a candle that represents Jesus as the light of the World.  Jesus is our hope.  Jesus is our peace.  Jesus is our Joy.  Jesus is our love and how we are able to love others.  He is our light in the darkness.  

I found a beautiful story written by John Piper called "The Innkeeper".  It is a fictional story about Jesus returning to Bethlehem to visit the Inn Keeper who gave His parents room in the stable.   It is a poignant story of sacrifice and heartache but also one of hope and love.

I have included the link for you to hear John Piper read this beautifully written poem.  It is a chance for us to simply ponder on the events that surrounded the birth of our Savior and how blessed we are the He came to be our hope, peace, joy, and love.  He is the light in this dark world. 


Merry Christmas!




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